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I’m K, although I mostly go by my handle as seen on the website. I’m currently a DFIR Consultant at a large global Cybersec firm, and previously was the same at another firm. I was, either fortunate or unfortunate, depending on your point of view, to have managed all of the infrastructure for the team at my last job, as well as built out completely new infrastructure and facilities for the company in a short time span. Most of my day-to-day is DFIR, and will probably be reflected in the posts I make, however I have a decent amount of infrastructure experience as well.

Outside of work, I’m also a WRCCDC Ops team member, aka Black Team. We work hard to make sure students have a horribly accurate and “protected” environment to learn in. Beyond even that, I have a slight addiction to audio, cars, and my homelab.. I’m sure that will also make it to this site at some point!